Latexnitrile palm coated sandy finished

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Place of Origin: Huai’an, China
Band name: Dexing
Material: nylon, spandex or other cut-resistant materials, natural latex or nitrile coated
Size: 7-11
Usage: work protection
Package: 12 pairs one OPP bag
Logo: customized logo acceptable
Origin: China

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1. We can produce glove made in nylon, spandex or other cut-resistant materials.
2. You can choose latex palm coated or nitrile palm coated with sandy surface.
3.13-gauge, 15-gauge
4. Size 7-11
5. The color of the liner and the dipping can be customized according to your needs.
6. You can provide logo pattern, printing methods- screen printing and heat transfer printing.
7. Our default package is 12 pair one OPP bags, but if you have special requirements, we also provide customization of the package.


The core of this glove has a variety of liner. The nylon liner is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. Spandex liner, on the other hand, has high elasticity and fits the palm of the hand when worn, allowing for more flexible. If you have a requirement for cut-resistant gloves, you can also choose the cut-resistant material. Our cut rating is from A2 to A5.
These gloves are coated with latex or nitrile, and after dipping the rubber, sand salt is sprayed on the coating to form a frosted surface. The grip of these gloves is very strong, especially in wet or oily working conditions. Latex abrasive gloves are more flexible and have better grip than nitrile abrasive gloves, but nitrile abrasive gloves are more acid and grease resistant than latex abrasive gloves.
Latex frosted gloves have a better grip than nitrile frosted gloves because the cupped cavities in the latex coating are deeper and softer than those in the nitrile coating. However, nitrile frosted gloves are more resistant to acids, alkalis and oils than latex frosted gloves and are suitable for use in the petrochemical industry.
Frosting is only a treatment of the dipped rubber coating. The comfort, warmth and cut resistance of the glove are still determined by the material of the glove liner. If you want a glove with good warmth, you can choose a 7-gauge cotton glove core. If you need a cut-resistant function, you can use a cut-resistant glove liner made of HHPE, Kevlar or Dyneema. If you do not know very well, you can contact us and we will provide you with professional advice.

Caution: Latex frosted gloves contain natural latex, which may cause allergic reaction.


Construction industry
Experimental test and assembly
Garbage collection


1. CE certification
2. ISO certification

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