Carbon fiber liner PU palm coated smooth finished

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Place of Origin: Huai’an, China
Band name: Dexing
Material: carbon fiber, nylon, polyurethane
Size: 7-11
Usage: work protection
Package: 12 pairs one OPP bag
Logo: customized logo acceptable
Origin: China

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1. Comfortable, form-fitting nylon shell mixed with carbon fiber
2. Polyurethane palm coated or polyurethane fingertips coated
3. You can choose 13-gauge, 15-gauge or 18-gauge
4. Size 7-11
5. The color of the lining and the cuff can be customized on demand.
6. You can choose silk printing or heat transfer printing to customize your own logo.
7. If you have special packaging requirements please inform us in advance, otherwise our default packaging specification is 12 pairs one OPP bag.


These gloves are woven with a blend of nylon and carbon fiber. Nylon has good elasticity, and the fingers are more flexible. In addition, they are easy to clean and the good quality makes them be durable.
Carbon fiber has good anti-static effect and wonderful fingertip touch sensitive. It is not easy to generate static electricity and dust and they are suitable for indoor work. At the same time, carbon fiber also has good electrical conductivity, you can also do the electronic touch screen operation flexibly even if wearing gloves. Carbon fiber is not easy to oxidize, so it is easy to be stored for a long time. The glove core, knitted from a mixture of polyester and carbon fiber, also has a certain degree of cut resistance to better protect the palm from injury.
PU has good physical properties, resistance to bending, good softness, high tensile strength, and breathability. Thanks to its softness and breathability, wearing these gloves allows your hands to operate freely even after long hours of work. And PU is not toxic which protect the health of users.
Thanks to the nylon liner and PU coating, these gloves are soft and comfortable to wear, wear-resistant and non-slip, and not easily deformed which can be washed with water and reused and have long service life in line with the economic effect. And carbon fiber can be used in anti-static and clean clean room environments that require gloves for operation. Wearing this type of gloves can avoid the operator's fingers directly contact electrostatic sensitive components, and can safely discharge the human electrostatic charge carried by the operator. It is ideal for semiconductor industry, photoelectric industry, semiconductor manufacturing industry, electronic picture tube manufacturing industry, computer motherboard manufacturing companies, cell phone manufacturing plants and other industries.


Automotive industry
Home appliance industry
Electronics industry
Other work environments with electrostatic protection requirements


CE certificate
ISO certificate

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