Nylon/polyester liner, foam nitrile palm coated, foam surface

Short Description:

1. We provide 13-guage, 15-guage, 18-guage
2. Available size from 7’’-11”
3. Brand name: Dexing
4. Usage: Work protection
5. Material: Foam nitrile ,polyester/nylon line
6. Package form:We can provide the wording on the packaging tape and the wording on the carton according to your needs
7. Place of origin: Huaian china
8. Different colors can be customized according your reference
9. Nitrile coated for great grip and abrasion resistance
10. Breathable and comfortable, soft lining, elastic cuffs, comfortable and light to wear.
11. Palm and fingertips with nitrile coating,100% brand new
12. Description: Nylon/ polyester liner,coated with nitrile (you can choose with different colors styles)

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1. Foam nitrile coating compare with smooth finish coating, much more softer and comfortable; it also have great function of anti-wrinkle that can make you work more efficiently, it is not easy to sweat.
2. The fingertip part is semi-circular to relieve the pressure on the fingertip while working.
3. Nitrile gloves are free of amino compounds and other harmful substances and rarely cause allergy.
4. The nitrile material has excellent grip and anti-slip ability,
5. Foam gloves because the rubber surface is treated with foaming agent, more voids, rubber surface more soft and breathable, the biggest feature of foam gloves is good comfort, soft to the hand, and good breathability, the hand is not easy to sweat. However, because of the reduced denseness of the rubber surface of the foam gloves, its wear resistance is far less than the same grade of latex flat rubber gloves or latex wrinkle gloves. Because the integrity of the rubber surface has been destroyed
6. Nylon, polyester knitted foam gloves, compared with the general nitrile gloves, it has made an upgrade in comfort. Nitrile foam process, soft and comfortable, breathable, can keep hands dry for a long time.

Unique Design

The safety work glove features miro foam nitrile coating against mimimum penetration of oil from the surface while is 360° breathable, for ultra cool, drier and less sweat,Unique foam frosted treatment, breathable and non-slip, all imported nitrile coating, with out the unusual smell, polyester nylon liner, excellent wear resistance and grip,to protect the user's health, the nitrile dipped glove is environment-friendly and skin-friendly, and is also CE certified,meet with ISO9001.The foam nitrile coating gloves are the best choice for dry or slightly oily application that require high levels of handling fitness.These gloves are so versatile they can be used for almost any use.It’s really pretty safe to wear this kinds of gloves.


1. Manufacturing
2. Maintenance
3. Oil industry
4. Automotive assembly
5. Gardening


1. CE certification
2. ISO certification


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