13G Printing polyester liner, colorless nitrile palm coated, smooth surface

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Place of origin: Huaian, china
We mainly produce 13 guage
Available size from 7’’-11”
Products color: Colors can be customized to your reference, we also provide customized logo, customized packing, graphic customization
13G patterned liner, smooth surface
Brand name:Dexing
Material: nitrile, polyester liner
Package: 12 pair one opp bag
Usage: work protection
Condition: 100% brand new.

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1. High degree of flexibility and durability with optimal dexterity;
2. Light weight with an open back that keeps hand cool in warm working environment
3. wear comfortable, long time will not cause skin tight, conducive to blood circulation, excellent anti-chemical performance, resistance to a certain degree of pH; Resistance to hydrocarbon erosion, not easy to rupture.
4. Silicon-free composition, certain anti-static functions
5. Low surface chemical residue, small particle content, suitable for strict dust -free environment.
6. Ntrile coated gloves have the advantages of great abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance.
7. The degradation time is short and easy to handle, which is benefit to our daily environmental protection.

Unique Design

The gloves are coated with nitrile coating.This coating will make your grip easy and be oil resistant and waterproof.they are also beautiful with highly ornamental ability.Nitrile coated gloves are breathable and really suitable for long time working, this material also provides superior grip that improves work efficiency;
Supreme comfort to reduce hand fatigue;it also provide superior grip and protection when handing abrasive material.
Good for maintenance, refining, solid waste handling and petrochemical delivery, The garding gloves are fast dying reusable ,flexible and tear resistance.They are best used as Home Improvement, DIY, Constrution, Gardening, Yard Work, Electrician, Mechanical, Automotive, Farm, Warehouse work gloves.
High quality nitrile palm dip, ergonomic type design, stretch polyester knit, high elasticity fit, fit wrist is not easy to fall off. Stereoscopic cut, precise hold items, fine workmanship, no stripping, no pulling. Quality assurance, according to your preference provide customized printing pattern has a very high ornamental, each fabric is repeated experiments and its test in order to achieve the desired effect.


1. Assembly operations
2. Automotive assembly
3. Gardening
4. Engineering application


1. CE certification
2. ISO certification


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