Double-dipped nitrilelatex palm coated, sandy finished

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1.Place of origin:Huaian china
2. Products form: We mainly produce 13-gauge,15-gauge,18-gauge
3.We can make polyester, nylon, spandex liner gloves. nylon liner is much softer; Spandex liner has excellent elasticity of extension, the extension can be reached to 450%~700%, and can be quickly back to its original state after relaxation.
4.Brand name:Dexing
5.Customized logo, packing, graphic, are acceptable
6.Available size from 7’’-11”

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1.The latex glove features unique double dipped with sandy latex and foam provides superior grip under dry and wet condition. This glove with fully latex dipped is impermeable and keep your hands dry.Palm using nitrile sandy unique dipping technology, so that the glove has a better grip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant performance, the back of the hand without coating,have a good breathability, thereby reducing hand fatigue, so that when the wearer in the operation that is light and flexible and comfortable.
2.The biggest feature is light, soft, safe, wear-resistant, non-slip, oil-resistant, waterproof, NBR that chemically stable, seamless preparation, dust-proof more excellent, for the metal original components have good control, have a very good sandy surface.

3.This double dipped nitrile /latex working glove with ergonomic designed also offers great comfort and dexterity. Double dipped
with latex coated and sandy finished with good grip and flexibility, suitable for all kinds of outdoor work under hot or wet conditions.

4.When you wear this kinds of safety gloves you should avoid touching with chemical substances such as acid, alkali, organic solvents when wearing latex gloves.


Good for indoor/outdoor safety, construction, gardening, DIY, crafting, maintenance, mechanic, yardwork, logistics, warehouse, general assembly, metalwork, precision work, cleaning, roofing, packaging, inspections, wood working, parcel delivery, mechanical, oil material handling, painting, etc.


1.CE certification
2.ISO certification

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