Copper fiber liner, PU palm coated, smooth finished

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Place of Origin: Huai’an, China
Band name: Dexing
Material: carbon fiber, polyester, polyurethane
Size: 7-11
Usage: work protection
Package: 12 pairs one OPP bag
Logo: customized logo acceptable
Origin: China

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1. Made of a polyester shell with copper fiber
2. You can choose Polyurethane palm coated or polyurethane fingertips coated.
3. Size 7-11
4. We mainly product 13-gauge, 15-gauge, 18-gauge
5. You can decide the color of the liner,the cuff and the polyurethane.
6. You can customize your own logo, we provide silk screen printing or heat transfer printing.
7. You can choose your packaging specifications according to your needs, and we also provide the logo customization on packaging bags and packaging boxes.


The inner of the glove is made of a mixture of polyester and copper fiber. The polyester has good wrinkle resistance and conformability, with high strength and high elastic recovery. It is firm and durable, wrinkle-resistant and not easily deformed.
Copper fiber is rich in copper ions and conducts electricity very well, up 10 to 10 cubic ohms, its touch screen performance is very sensitive. Users can control electronic touch screen devices Flexibly with these gloves. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties. In addition, gloves knitted with conductive copper fibers can effectively prevent frictional charging. However, copper fibers are easy to oxidize and require a strict storage environment, so they need to be placed in a ventilated and cool place.
These gloves are made of PU dipped rubber. PU, as a new synthetic material between plastic and rubber, has a certain puncture resistance, anti-cutting, anti-tear function, and its flexibility is better. It not only provides protection to the hands, but also allows them to move freely.
These gloves are used in the electronics industry for precise operations. On the one hand, the PU coating ensures slip resistance and flexibility. On the other hand, the copper liner can prevent the operator's fingers from directly touching the electrostatic sensitive components. At the same time, it can safely discharge the human static electricity carried by the operator, thus effectively preventing the damage to the product from the static electricity generated by the human body and preventing the electronic components from aging and damage due to static electricity.


Electronics industry
Precision assembly
Life sciences and other industries


CE certificate
ISO certificate

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