Cut resistance gloves,nitrile coated

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1. Made of seamless liner,nitrile palm coated
2. We can provide the size of gloves for production from 7”-11”
3. The quality and process have reached the standard requirements.the highest level can reach to A5.
4. According to your preferences and requirements we can provide color customization, trademark customization
5. Silk print and hot transfer print also be provided.
6. We can offer 13-Gauge,15Gauge ,18Gauge.

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1. Cutting materials of the gloves are safe, hygienic and easy to clean. Humanized cutting technology, based on ergonomic design, make the user's finger more flexible, more comfortable.
2. Anti-cutting gloves have excellent cut resistant performance and wear resistance, making them high quality hand labor protection products.
3. The surface of the anti-cutting gloves is smooth, and more flexible than other gloves.
4. Do not use cut -resistant gloves when repairing prickly plants. Because gloves are made of a combination of steel wire and have a lot of tight holes that allow thorns to penetrate, use the right gloves when repairing plants to avoid injury.
5. The anti-cut gloves are ideal for dry or slightly oily application that requires high levels of handling fitness and suitable for all kinds of outdoor light works under dry or wet conditions.
6. Provides high cut protection without effecting comfort, flexibility and breathability. Can be used with touch screens.
7. Reinforced crotch for enhanced durability. It provides better productivity and optimizes your costs.
8. Seamlessly knitted gloves with great fit, dexterity and flexibility.
9. After a special process it also can be used with touch devices
10. Reduce downtime. With protected hands, you'll experience fewer injuries. The fewer injuries you have, the less downtime you will have. This will increase productivity because you can get more work done.
11. If you plan to work with or around oil, then you need a pair of gloves with a nitrile coating. It is durable enough to withstand oil contact and will not disintegrate like other coatings. You will find that nitrile is effective in preventing abrasion and punctures. This coating is a great alternative for those who are allergic to latex.
12. These gloves are four times stronger than leather, and they can be used for any food preparation. Each glove keeps your hands flexible, able to move with a high degree of dexterity, comfortable and cozy, and feeling natural. You won't feel creases or large lumps, and you won't struggle to hold knives and other objects. In addition, these gloves have a special feature: they are highly breathable. It's perfect for people with sweaty hands because it keeps them dry and comfortable even in a hot kitchen.


1. Assembling and finishing
2. General handling
3. Maintenance
4. Automotive application
5. The cut-resistance gloves are the ideal choice for assembly and fishing,general handing,maintenance,automotive application.
General handing,light mental manufacturing,sharp-edged objects handing.

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