What are the characteristics of commonly used PU coated gloves?

Let’s follow the editor to learn about the protective gloves PU coated gloves commonly used in our factory! It mostly uses PU coating technology and is the best-selling glove. PU coating is polyurethane coating, which is a newly developed processing technology in textile finishing.
Nylon liner, PU palm coated, smooth finished (4)
Commonly used PU coated gloves include PU palm coated gloves, PU finger coated gloves, carbon fiber PU coated palm gloves, and carbon fiber PU finger coated gloves. Characteristics of carbon fiber anti-static coated gloves: 80% dust-free nylon yarn and 20% high-performance copper fiber conductive yarn. The PU coating on the fingers or palm facilitates assembly without leaving fingerprints. The conductive resin is added to the PU coated anti-static gloves to make the anti-static effect excellent. Strong air permeability, long-term operation does not feel stuffy, washable. Using long-fiber stretch nylon, it is not easy to generate dust and is suitable for cleaning work. Surface resistance: 10 to the 3rd power – 10 to the 4th power. It can eliminate the harm of static electricity to the human body and the unpleasant feeling caused by static electricity when the human body moves or wears off. It can eliminate the close-fitting and tangling of clothes caused by static electricity. The palm surface or fingertips are coated with PU resin, which can effectively prevent slipping and wear resistance, avoid slipping when grabbing items, and does not leave fingerprints, which improves the production yield.
PU Coated gloves
The products are suitable for manufacturing industry, electronic assembly, computer assembly, automobile assembly, precision operation, quality inspection, chemical factory, gardening, electronics factory, printing enterprise, shipyard and other manufacturing industries.

Post time: Apr-20-2022