The Difference Between Dipped Gloves And Ordinary Gloves

There are many types of labor protection gloves, among which dipped gloves are more special. Technicians in the laboratory sometimes come into contact with chemical reagents and therefore need to wear chemical-resistant gloves. Those working in the machining and petrochemical industries need to wear oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant rubberized gloves. Dipped gloves are so important. What is the difference between dipped gloves and other gloves?

Foam latex palm coated

The first is the material. Ordinary labor protection gloves are generally made of ordinary materials, such as textile fabric materials, artificial leather, etc. Dipped gloves are finished thermoplastic materials with better quality paste resins and environmentally friendly oils.

The second is the place of use. Most of the dipped gloves are used in oiling workshops, laboratories, large machinery factories and other places, but ordinary gloves are basically used for daily protection and decoration.

Finally, the design concept is different. Dipped gloves are mainly used to protect the operator’s hands from harmful substances, so the main factor considered in the design is safety, while ordinary gloves pay more attention to comfort and functions such as price, fashion, and lightness.

Therefore, ordinary gloves should not be used as protective gloves. Leaders should consider the realities of the work environment and select appropriate protective gloves to ensure the safety and health of their employees. When choosing dipped gloves, you must pay attention to the qualifications and capabilities of the manufacturer, and check whether the quality of the gloves produced meets the corresponding standards.

Post time: Mar-04-2022