Sandy surface gloves

Labor protection gloves is not unfamiliar to most people, it is divided into some different types, but few people will use nitrile coated gloves, and less understanding of nitrile coated working gloves, Dexing safety glove suppliers will be simple Introducing the Nitrile coated Gloves.

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When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of frosted gloves, we must first explain the production process of frosted matte gloves. First dip the scrub gloves in semi-fluid nitrile rubber and spray the rubber surface with salt. Since the rubber surface is not cured, the salt particles will embed into the rubber surface. After baking in the oven, the rubber surface cured and the gloves were washed again and then dried. During the washing process, the salt dissolves in the water, leaving a pitted surface on the rubber surface.
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Unlike wrinkled gloves, sand gloves have two more processes than latex wrinkled gloves, one is washing, and the other is secondary baking, which is why nitrile coated gloves are more expensive than latex wrinkled gloves.

The biggest advantage of sandy surface gloves is non-slip. The non-slip of latex wrinkled gloves is due to the increased friction of the rubber surface, while the friction of sandy surface gloves is generated by the dense holes on the rubber surface. The air produced when using negative pressure is non-slip, like the suction cups of an octopus. When the rubber surface is in contact with the object, the air in the small holes is squeezed out, thereby creating an adsorption force between the rubber surface and the object.

In dry conditions, the slip resistance of the two gloves is basically the same, but in oily or slippery conditions, the latex wrinkled gloves almost lose their slip resistance, while the sandy gloves are almost unaffected. The water and oil in the small holes are squeezed out by the air on the surface of the object, so as to clean the contact surface and ensure the adsorption between the surface of the object and the small holes. This adsorption gives Nitrile Gloves excellent slip resistance.
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