How to choose and use labor protection gloves?

What are the types of labor protection gloves in life?
Gloves are not only a warm commodity, but also play an indelible role in many different industries and lives. Labor gloves play a key role in preventing or reducing occupational hazards and preventing industrial safety accidents. So, what are the commonly used labor gloves? I will introduce in detail which labor gloves are good.
1.Disposable gloves
Disposable gloves are gloves made of rubber sheets or films, usually made of two materials: latex gloves and nitrile gloves.

Available venues: Disposable latex gloves are usually mainly used in operating rooms, biological laboratories and other venues that require high sanitary conditions; disposable nitrile gloves are usually mainly used in food industry, electronic factories, chemical plants and other venues.

Shopping method: For the purchase of disposable gloves, the most important thing is to purchase disposable gloves with technical and professional testing certification, which is safer; it is recommended to buy thickened disposable gloves, which can better take care of your hands.

2.Housework gloves
Domestic gloves are usually made of latex and nitrile. Latex gloves have excellent elasticity, especially good flexibility and a certain degree of wear resistance. Nitrile rubber has certain oil resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and friction resistance.

Application areas: Nitrile gloves are mainly used for washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc., and latex gloves are usually mainly used for washing clothes, daily cleaning, etc.

Selection and purchase method: When choosing household gloves, it is recommended to choose household gloves designed according to the curve of the hand. They are more comfortable to use and easier to do housework. When choosing household gloves in winter, you can choose velvet-patterned gloves to maintain warmth and severe cold.

3.Welder’s gloves
Welder’s gloves are personal protective equipment to avoid high temperature, molten metal, and sparks during electric welding. It is usually made of cow, pig or multilayer leather. According to the type of finger, it can be divided into two-finger, three-finger and five-finger.

Mainly used: most electric welders are engaged in electric welding work.

Procurement method: choose welder gloves according to the work site, such as: welders need thicker welder gloves, longer welder gloves, thick welder gloves can protect hands from burns, and long can protect arms from injury . Welder gloves used in summer do not need to be too thick, which makes people work too hot and uncomfortable.
4.Cotton gloves
Cotton gloves are gloves woven from cotton fibers. The greater the weaving density, the better the wear resistance and crack resistance of the glove. Cotton gloves are the most widely used variety of protective equipment.

Application areas: Cotton gloves are usually used in work sites such as building construction, daily living treatment, electroplating workshops, etc.

Procurement method: Cotton gloves are widely different in the materials of recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn. Once the economic level is high, raw cotton gloves are recommended, which is cost-effective and strong in wear resistance; when the economic level is low, it is recommended to use recycled cotton gloves, which have higher Cost-effective and high practical value.

5.Dipped gloves
Dipped gloves are our common latex gloves. Their production needs to be processed by the “dipping” process, that is, the fabric fibers are dipped in a glue bath and dipped with glue to increase the maturity of the fabric and the rubber, thereby enhancing stiffness The degree of heat shrinkage is reduced, so this type of gloves is also called “dipped gloves.” Dipped gloves, also known as latex gloves, are one of the gloves. It is different from ordinary gloves and is made of latex.It can be used as household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, and it is a necessary hand protection product.
Dipped gloves are suitable for automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing; glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, aircraft assembly; aerospace industry; environmental cleaning and cleaning. Latex gloves have abrasion resistance, puncture resistance; resistance to acid and alkali, grease, fuel, and a variety of solvents, etc.; they have a wide range of chemical resistance and good oil resistance; they have passed FDA certification. Dipped gloves feature unique fingertip texture design, which greatly enhances grip and effectively prevents slippage; patented design without palm lines, uniform dipping, enhanced protection; unique hand design, cotton lining, improve comfort.Under complex working conditions such as mining, welding, chemical industry, etc., dipped gloves are also a protective glove with a very high appearance rate.

Post time: Jan-07-2022