Foam Gloves are foam gloves? Foaming is a kind of treatment process for the rubber surface of dipped labor insurance gloves. The principle is that a foaming agent is added to the glue. During the processing, the foaming agent is triggered by other chemical agents, so that the glove dipping coating is formed into fine particles. The principle of voids is similar to the baking powder we use to make steamed buns or bread.

Among our common gloves, nitrile, latex, and PVC can all use foaming technology. The most common one is latex foaming. Because the latex coating is relatively thick, the requirements for foaming technology are relatively low, so the popularity is relatively high. For example, common 13-gauge polyester latex foam gloves, 7-gaueg terry latex foam gloves, 10-gauge latex foam gloves, etc.

What are the characteristics of foam gloves? Foam gloves have more voids after the rubber surface is treated with foaming agent, and the rubber surface is softer and more breathable. The biggest feature of foam gloves is that they are comfortable, soft and close to the hand, and have good air permeability, so the hands are not easy to sweat. . However, because the density of the rubber surface of the foamed glove is reduced, its wear resistance is far less than that of the same grade of latex flat rubber gloves or latex wrinkled gloves. Because the integrity of the glue surface has been destroyed.

Post time: Apr-15-2022