Features Of PU Gloves

PU gloves can protect hand safety during work, customers should pay attention to quality, raw materials and production process when choosing gloves.


First, when making PU gloves, weave nylon/polyester into a 13-gauge seamless glove liner, put the glove liner on the corresponding size mold (European version 7#-11#), and secondly dip the mold into the mixed PU liquid, and blow dry the surface with a fan (temperature and blowing time will affect the next process), and finally, bake the mold with PU liquid in an oven at a low temperature of 120°C for 40-60 minutes. Qualified gloves are made with our professional equipment and high-quality materials, they will accompany your work and keep your hands working in a safe and comfortable environment.

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PU gloves are made of 100% polyester/nylon and imported PU resin, the PU gloves are mainly available in white, black, gray and decorative colors. Different colors have the same function. Users can choose different colors according to their needs and working environment. PU gloves are non-slip, oil-proof, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbing, breathable, dust-free, odorless, and soft, and are widely used in many industries. Long service life is an important factor for users to choose it and it can be reused, it is not a one-time product.


In many industries, protective gloves are damaged after a single use and are discarded and turned into single-use products, which wastes material and increases production costs. This problem can be eliminated in the environment where PU gloves are used, the product can be reused and is becoming more and more popular among users.


The material of PU gloves has the advantages of non-slip, wear-resistant, sweat-absorbing and leak-proof, and can be used in various industries due to its various advantages. PU gloves are reusable products, mainly used for the production, assembly, testing of weak current precision parts, and class 100-1000 dust-free clean rooms.

 2219PU gloves are comfortable to wear and have good permeability, and users do not have to worry about sweating when wearing impermeable PU gloves. PU gloves have good resistance to dirt and moisture, and the PU material is waterproof, even if it is made into gloves, this function will not be lost. In terms of cleaning, PU gloves are easy to clean and maintain, and if there is less contamination, they can simply be wiped with water, which also provides safety and convenience for users.

Post time: Mar-11-2022